With colors like Pink Flamingo, Mango Tango, and Sunglow, you can’t go wrong.

Why Tanara Ukuleles?

Tanara Ukuleles are built with the beginner uke player in mind. They project a beautiful tone and are durable even for the most excited of players. Even comes with a ukulele bag to protect the fantastic gloss color finish. With seven super fun colors, you are sure to find one to fit your needs.
Colors from right to left, top to bottom : Sea Foam, Green Grass, Purple Heart, Surf Blue, Pink Flamingo, Mango Tango, and Sunglow Yellow.

  • MSRP $44.95
  • Shape: Ukulele

  • Size: Soprano

Available Models

Model Numbers:
TU1SF – Sea Foam
TU1BG – Green Grass
TU1BPP – Purple Heart
TU1SB – Surf Blue
TU1BPK – Pink Flamingo
TU1BO – Mango Tango
TU1BY – Sunglow Yellow