Classic Electric Guitar SSS

Why buy a Tanara Electric Guitar? And what is SSS?

Tanara electric guitars are built to provide beginning guitar players a positive first experience.  Electric guitars are used in most genres of music, either as the main instrument or as a backup.  They can be practiced without amplification and then, through amplification, be played as loud as needed.  The SSS refers to the configuration of the pickups but, with the pickup selector switch on the guitar, you can choose which of the 3 pickups are being used to produce the sound.  SSS pickup configuration is used when you would like to have clean tones throughout your playing like Eric Clapton, Jason Mraz, or the Beatles.

Available Colors for the Tanara Electric Guitar SSS.

Shape: Classic Double Cut SSS
TNR100BK – Black
TNR100RD – Red
TNR100SB – Sunburst
MSRP: 199.99

Also available in an electric guitar package.