Grand Concert

Tanara TGC120

  • MSRP: 199.99
  • Size: Full Sized
Available Models

Model Numbers:

TGC120BK – Black
TGC120PK – Pink
TGC120NT – Natural
TGC120VS – Sunburst

Who buy a Tanara Classical Guitar?

Tanara Guitars has built their classical guitars to be a great first guitar experience for beginners. The necks are wider than steel string guitars and of course they have nylon strings. Both are advantageous to beginners. Tanara Classical acoustic guitars accentuate the softer, deeper tone of the nylon strings. Classical guitars are ideal for finger picking because the strings are farther apart, thus making it easier for the player to hit each note on each string and making it far less likely for them to accidentally hit adjacent strings. Our classical guitars are available for nearly every beginner with 1/2 sized , 3/4 sized and full sized options in a variety of colors. Even those looking for a great 2nd classical will be pleased with these guitars.