Full sized

Who should play full sized guitars

Tanara full sized guitars are built for a great first guitar experience. Generally, almost all players can learn on a full sized guitar. Some younger and smaller players may benefit from the advantages of 1/2 sized and 3/4 sized guitars but, for most players, a full sized guitar works quite well.   The Tanara full sized guitar sounds good enough to play anywhere from trail to stage.

Tanara TSC100

Shape: Classical
Model Numbers:
TSC100BK – Black
TSC100NT – Natural
TSC100SB – Sunburst
MSRP: 169.99

Tanara TSD100

Shape: Dreadnought
Model Numbers:
TSD100BK – Black
TSD100NT – Natural
TSD100VS – Vintage Sunburst
TSD100TR – Transparent Red
MSRP: 199.99

Tanara TGC120

Shape: Grand Concert
Model Numbers:
TGC120BK – Black
TGC120PK – Pink
TGC120NT – Natural
TGC120VS – Vintage Sunburst
MSRP: 199.99